Sunday, June 29, 2008

"I'm Superstitious Mom, Not OCD..."

Brian has a few "quirks." We don't call them OCD, they're more superstitions...I guess. The number of times my husband knocks on wood a day is ridiculous. Noelle's collar needs to be put on a very specific way (from the way you stand behind her and hold it to put it on). It all goes back to when he was a kid (seriously, he was just talking about it with his sister a few weeks ago), and he chalks it up to being a baseball player and how superstitious the sport is.

Well, he comes from a family of baseball players, so I'm assuming that Wyatt must have the "superstitious" gene too. The last two times I've given him a bowl of goldfish he has taken 5 out of the bowl (he doesn't know how to count, so I don't know why it's 5), and lined them up all facing the same direction on Noelle's dog bed. He then eats one of them by sticking his mouth directly on the bed and slurping it up (fortunately, our dog never actually lays on her dog it's the only lab hair free surface in the house), and then picks the next four up. Brian says it's a good way to live, but I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of things to come...I'm afraid it is....
The lined up goldfish

Finished the first one, now on to the rest

And this is the face I've seen a lot recently from my little whiny grumpy pants.

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