Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Stuff

Today was...stinky. I went to work this morning and felt fine until just after lunch. I started to feel a little sick and light headed on the way back to the office and then I had to forcibly hold my head up during a meeting. I started to see the "clear dots" floating around me again, so I called Brian and he came and got me and drove me to my parents house (they were watching Wyatt today). I was able to get a nap in and my sister made me dinner while my parents fed and bathed Wyatt (seriously, how great is that?). Once I woke up I felt a lot better and my Dad took Wyatt and I back to work so I could pick up my car. Fortunately I only missed about an hour and half of work which will be easy for me to make over the next two days so I don't have to use any of my hard earned vacation time. I work for a super company and I'm fortunate that my super boss let me work part time when I came back from maternity leave with Wyatt, but the downside is that I only accrue vacation time as a part timer (no sick leave) and I only accrue it based on the number of hours I work a week. I will have a week and a half (like 32 hours) of paid leave once the baby comes and it took me six months to get that! We'll be using my profit sharing check to cover the rest of my maternity leave - and I'm pretty sure I'm taking all 12 weeks (if not 13 - who wants to go back to work the week of Thanksgiving?).

Wyatt was really cute when we got home tonight. Brian was watching the Yankee game on TV and Wyatt kept pointing at the TV saying "It's a ball." But it came out sounding really Italian like "It'sa balla." Then he came up on the couch and he kissed my stomach like a good big brother.

Now that I'm 30 weeks I'm starting to get really stressed about the baby coming. She doesn't have a name - although Brian and I both had dreams about her name last night...not the same name though. And not even names that we've talked about before. When I decided Wyatt's name would be Wyatt it was based on a dream that I had, but Wyatt was already on the table. Brian's name is just...out of the question (and I don't think he's serious about it), my name is a name that I like but hadn't really thought about before (and for the record, I believe it was in the running to be Piper's name - in case you're wondering Allison), but I feel like maybe the baby was telling me something because she even had a middle name! We have two names that are different (we don't like "popular") - a name that definitely would have been Wyatt's name if he'd been a girl but we're wondering about for her, and a name that we both really like but a friend recently named their baby. I don't know why I feel such a rush to get her named, but I do!

And of course the nursery is killing me. We have the furniture and the bedding (it's on sale so I ordered the quilt and two more sheets today), but we still have to get a roomful of stuff moved (Brian has to give up on the Star Wars room...darn) and painted for Wyatt. Then we have to get his room repainted for her. It's not big stuff, it's easily taken care of - Brian's moving his stuff out and he's hopefully getting the painter from the park to paint the rooms. I know it's a bad time of year, but I want to have a pretty little girl room all decorated!

Anyway, that's enough of my incessant ramblings for this evening...I think I'm just grumpy and tired, so I'll go to bed and get some rest. Maybe Baby Girl will give me some sort of name direction tonight.


  1. Hmmmm......for some reason, those specific letters just aren't working on my keyboard. Oh well, better luck next time!

  2. Well, you know at least one of the other names too! Hope those letters are broken as well!