Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Things About Today

1. Wyatt learned how to say "Get out of there." It comes out sounding like "Gedouddadere," but I know what he's saying. Apparently either he or Bella were somewhere they shouldn't have been and he picked it up from my Mom telling them to "get out of there." Anyway, he yells it and he thinks it's incredibly funny.

2. Wyatt has found his "outdoor voice." And it's beautiful. Just not when we're walking through Target.

3. Wyatt really likes the taste of toothpaste. And he likes to give kisses once he has fresh breath.

4. Once Daddy is in the house Mommy is no good. He can hang out with me all day long and have a blast, but the second his Daddy walks in that door I become non existent and good for nothing. He can't even stay downstairs with me while Brian runs upstairs. I can't wait for summer to be over.

5. I think my kid called me "Bwiney" today. He doesn't even call me Mommy. And no one calls me Brittney in front of him, so I'm lost. I even had Brian ask Wyatt where Brittney was to see if he would look at me...and he did. Depressing...

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