Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Trip to "Daddy Work"

Today Wyatt and I went back to the waterpark to play and we took Aunt Katie along. She's really handy to have around. She's young so she can chase Wyatt, Wyatt loves her and spends all day asking "Where Katie go?," she's a good swimmer, plus she's a great sister :). And she owes me. I spent countless hours watching her when I was her age! It definitely helps me enjoy taking him there more when I can watch him have fun but can hand him off at times. I can't carry him around as much the more pregnant (and fat) I get!

Wyatt got to play in the kiddie section (which he loves), but we also took him in the wave pool and down the grape escape today. Katie can stand up in the grape escape (I can't, it comes right up to my head), so she can hold him up in the air and walk to the side. It was kind of fun to stand at the bottom and wait for them, I hadn't been there in awhile and the grape escape was one of my favorite spots to lifeguard. Wyatt has fun going down all of the slides and he loved it. He also had a blast just hanging out in the wave pool while the waves were off. He just stood in the water and danced a little. I was holding him, but he did go face first in the pool for a second and he stood right back up and shook it off. Then he danced some more because he LOVES Taylor Swift and one of her songs was playing. Wyatt had some of his "serious moments," but he really seemed to have a lot of fun today!

Wyatt going down a slide with Aunt Katie

Aunt Katie (she got the height and the "good legs") following Wyatt around the Lazy River

This is a new Wyatt thing lately. He'll pull you where he wants you to go. He's pulling me into the Wave Pool.

If only the waves didn't come on. Wyatt and I might spend the summer here. We'll settle for 10 minutes at a time.

A tired boy...for a second.
French fries...and a shy smile.

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