Friday, June 27, 2008

Lawn Mower Action

Brian gave in about two weeks ago and got Wyatt a lawn mower popper (you may have read where I complained about the poppers in the past). Wyatt loves it. Brian loves it. I would love it to be an outside toy. Wyatt's new favorite thing to do is to climb on the front of the lawn mower and sit down and be pushed all over the house. He did not discover this on his own....Brian showed him how to do it. And now, pretty much every night, Wyatt will grab Brian's hand and pull him to the lawn mower. Wyatt will then sit down on the front and look up at Brian and smile with a look that says "please Daddy, push me." And Brian gets behind the lawn mower and pushes him, full speed through the den, the kitchen and the hallway and then comes to a screeching halt. Wyatt laughs and laughs and laughs. Then they start all over again. Here's my boys playing....

On your mark, get set.....


Wyatt trying to convince Daddy to get up and play some more!

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