Sunday, June 22, 2008

Billy Joel!

Last night Brian and I had a night off and went to the Billy Joel concert at the amphitheater. It was amazing! I love, love, love Billy Joel and the concert was SO good. He's never been here before (and who knows if he'll ever come back) and there were maybe only two or three songs that he didn't play that I would have liked to hear, but they were all still great songs. There was no opening act, so Billy came on at like 8:15 and played through until 10:30. Two solid hours of Billy Joel songs and he literally talked for about 10 minutes total. Don't get me wrong, he was pretty funny when he talked but it was cool that it was so much music. I would say though that Brian and I were on the "younger side" of concert-goers. As my loving husband noted, the crowd wasn't exactly the same as the set that shows up for Kenny Chesney concerts (maybe that was more of a complaint than a comment). Anyway, I've put together a few "observations" about our experience last night.

1. If everyone in front of you and everyone behind you is sitting down you should probably just sit down too. Dance in your seat. Or something. And don't turn around and wave your arms trying to encourage other audience members to stand with you. We don't want to. Especially for slow songs.
2. Maybe it's best if you don't play the air guitar, air saxophone, air piano, air trumpet, air drums or air cymbal. Especially if you're the only one standing in the audience.
3. I've made a mental note that it's probably best to make sure that I have the proper "support" to be dancing around once I'm older. Things just don't stay the same.
4. I really like Billy Joel. I just wonder how effective it is to spray throat spray down your throat and then inhale a cigarette between the next two songs. It just a little dubious.
5. The guy that sat in front of us looked a lot like the guy Kevin on 90210 that helps Susan steal all of Dylan's money. You probably needed to watch the show to get this, but he looked a lot like him.
6.Other people laughed, but I think I'm the only person that really finds car insurance jokes to be funny. Maybe it's just me, but when Billy Joel said that he needed the money from the concert ticket sales to cover his high insurance premiums (because of some drinking & driving) I laughed for awhile. It probably is just me.
7. Seeing "Piano Man" performed live is probably one of the greatest concert experiences EVER.
8. When leaving the amphitheater, it's best to team up with a friend who also drove to get out of the parking lot. After sitting in the same spot for 25 minutes, we found Dave & Steph and thanks to some skillful maneuvering, we got out in 5.

So anyway, to conclude my "concert review" I would just like to say that Billy Joel is now probably in the Top 5 concerts I've ever been to. And I've been to A LOT of concerts. Next up: Kenny Chesney, Poison (OK, mainly for my husband, but I'm a Rock of Love fan) and hopefully Journey and Heart!

Now the Little Fella and I are off the Family Fun Day for my work at Hunt Club Farms!

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