Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Names...

So a question I'm constantly asked, like 85 times a day, is "Does Baby have a name yet?" And due to being pushed a little too far today I thought I'd share my thoughts....

With Wyatt, it really was agonizing to have to hear this question constantly. Brian and I instituted a policy where we really just don't discuss names until we know what the baby's sex is. We then think about names, discuss them and then don't share the name with anyone until after the baby is born.

This helps us several ways:
1. We don't have to deal with people who don't like the name. If you don't like the name we choose, right on. But in all honesty, I don't care to hear that you hate it. It just irritates me. I don't tell you I hate your kids name!
2. I don't have to deal with name stealers. My Mom was going to name my brother Brandon. She didn't. You know why? Three days before Marc was born her good friend named her son Brandon. And now it's Marc's middle name. And my Mom's not really friends with that lady anymore (but not because she stole the name).
3. I also don't have to deal with the nose scrunch. It's not an outright "I hate that name," but it is a "Why would you choose to name your kid that?" I'm pretty confident that if we'd told people that we were going to name Wyatt "Wyatt" I would have gotten some nose scrunches. But by the time they saw my precious little baby, they couldn't picture him as anything but a Wyatt.

Wyatt didn't have a name until I was about 37 weeks pregnant. I had pretty much decided on another name and was waiting for Brian to come around. We debated between Braeden (how sickeningly sweet would it be to have Brian, Brittney and Braeden?) and Wyatt for weeks and then one weekend (we were on a "babymoon") it just occurred to me that I really liked Wyatt. I told Brian I had decided that was his name and he was on board because that was the name he chose. We knew it was meant to be when we picked Noelle up from Brian's parents house and Wyatt Earp was on TV. But we kept it a secret for 4 more weeks.

We also found that since the baby's sex isn't a surprise anymore, at the very least the name can be! It was so cool to be able to introduce Wyatt to our family when he was born and tell them his name then too.
So, when people ask what Baby Girl's name is the truthful answer is no, she doesn't. Brian and I are not at a point where we currently agree on any names for her. Okay, well maybe one or two, but not our top names. But we'll let you know...once she's born.

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