Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Day!

Today was probably the most fun "day off" that Brian has had this summer. It started out not so fun though. Wyatt had a nightmare (we're assuming, whatever it was made him not want to go to sleep in his crib tonight too, but no such luck for him!) that woke him up at 4:45 this morning and he was screaming. Wyatt typically sleeps until at least 7 and never wakes up crying, so we went in to check on him. He cried every time we put him down so we brought him to bed with us (against our better judgement...this previously resulted in a very bad stretch of sleeping in December and January...but we also knew his crib needed to be lowered and didn't want him hanging out in there). He was being very cute, but wasn't falling back asleep. So Brian and I tagged teamed like we did in the olden days and I got up with Wyatt and went and got Brian at 7 so I could get a few z's before we got on the road. Apparently I left Wyatt with a dirty diaper for Brian to clean. Oh well!

We took Wyatt to Water Country USA to play there. Brian and I both have Platinum Passes (mine courtesy of my parents who gave me their fourth one free :)) so we can get into any of the Anheuser Busch Theme Parks. We've used them before at Water Country and Busch Gardens since they're so close, but also at Sea World and Discovery Cove in Orlando when we were on our Honeymoon, and again at Sea World when we went to Disney in December.

Anyway, Water Country has three kiddie areas, which were pretty fun for the little guy. Having Brian around was great because Wyatt could do whatever he wanted with Daddy. There were inner tube slides in the kiddie sections that Wyatt could ride with Brian (with a life jacket) and he had so much fun. He also go to ride the little kiddie slides by himself because Brian and I were both there so one of us could take him to the top and the other one could catch him. With the exception of the inner tube slides our local waterpark (and no, I'm not saying this because I'm partial) has a better kiddie section. I think the Pirate Ship and the Lazy River are just a lot of fun. Anyway, Wyatt had the BEST time on the Hubba Hubba Highway, which is kind of like a lazy river with no tube. You just float through while wearing a life jacket and the current takes you away. Brian held him while they floated and he said that Wyatt was just smiling and talking and cuddling up the whole time. We both had a feeling that Wyatt would love that ride the most and he proved us right! I was sad that I couldn't go, but I was afraid of getting kicked in the stomach.

On that note :)....Baby Girl Update!

We left Water Country and drove straight back here for my 31 week Doctor's appointment. After some crazy drama in the waiting room (let's just say there was a weird couple fighting in there...seriously, and it made everyone uncomfortable), we finally got called back to see the Doctor - our favorite one! She was excited to see Wyatt because she delivered him and he was excited because she's a cute blond. All in all I'm doing well...she complemented my weight gain (18 pounds!), my blood pressure is up a little but still better than average and she answered all my questions confidently. Then she said that we could schedule Baby Girl's delivery if we wanted so we got her definite date of delivery. The Surgery Scheduler asked if we had a preference (and of course we did, we wanted our Favorite!) and told us that she was available on August 25 when I will be exactly 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So that's her birthday, August 25! She joins a long line of August birthdays in out families and we can't wait for her to come! The plus of the C Section is that unlike the induction last time, I'm booked for an OR at the hospital that day so there's no calling to check and make sure that there's a bed. And hopefully this time I won't have to go 40 hours without eating again!

After the appointment we came home and Brian took Noelle swimming in the pool. Then we went out for ice cream at Handel's (which took about 25 minutes longer than it needed to because of the Tourists who don't know how to order...and were quite rude to the staff:)!) We came home and Brian lowered the crib to the ground so Wyatt can cry it out tonight if he wakes up and I gave him a bath. When I got him ready to brush his teeth his actually took the toothbrush and brushed his own teeth! I was very impressed.
Anyway, I'd like to post pictures but I'm too tired. Hopefully at some point tomorrow I'll be able to post a few of our day....

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