Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zoo Time!

Wyatt and I went to the zoo yesterday with Shannon and Tyler. We're so glad that our friends have a son that's so close in age to Wyatt because the boys really get along and we're able to hang out with our friends while the boys play. Fortunately, Baby Girl has a big cousin (well, 3 months "bigger") and a friend (our good friends just found that they're expecting a girl!) that will be close in age to her as well. Yesterday the boys had a lot of fun staring at the animals from their strollers (well, Tyler got a few jail breaks because Shannon's not pregnant and was up for chasing him around) and babbling at each other. Almost every animal (I kid you not) was hiding somewhere in the shade of its exhibit. The giraffes were all standing under a tree, the lions were huddled together in a cave, and much to Wyatt's disappointment, the meerkats also refused to come out and play. We got to see the pigs and goats in the barnyard though...what a delight!

After we saw all the animals we let the boys play in the water fountains. They weren't as eager to get wet yesterday as they have been in the past, but they still had fun. When we left the zoo Wyatt and I stopped at Doumar's to get a limeade and a cheeseburger for Mommy and a limeade to drop off to Daddy at work. He was surprised and very grateful (he was sad that he missed going to the zoo, but I think he was a bit cheered up when he found out that the meerkats stayed in their hole). Wyatt and I ran a few errands in the afternoon and then the painter came to give us an estimate for the two bedrooms and the hallway/ staircase that we want painted. We ended the day watching the second Yankees/Mets game (which the Yankees actually won) with Daddy, with Wyatt staring at the TV saying "It'sa balla."

When we got him ready for bed he was in a really good mood (a total improvement from the day before). I have to say that I am really impressed and happy about how much my kid likes to have his teeth brushed. He's so good and opens his little mouth and then clenches his teeth together and then gives little kisses with his fresh breath. What a good boy!

The goats begging for food!

Wyatt smiling at the goats

Wyatt waving bye bye to the ducks, geese, swans and "durdles."

Contemplating a run through the fountains

"Mom I don't feel like running through water. How about climbing across chairs instead?"

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