Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busch Gardens

Yesterday we took a trip to Busch Gardens Europe for the day. Brian and I both have season passes and the kids are free, so with the exception of the gas it was a relatively inexpensive trip. We mapped out exactly what we were going to do while we were there before we left the house. This time the weather was beautiful and I'm not pregnant, so it was much better than the last trip we took.

We left the house for the 45-50 minute trip to Williamsburg at 9:45 and got there around 11 because of traffic. Fortunately Brian's pass allows us to park right outside the main gate so it takes us no time to get into the park. Once we were in we stopped to let Wyatt see the Clydesdales. He got his picture taken with one last time and he did a great job. This time he was frightened. The horse was very friendly and tried to nudge Wyatt a few times, but he wailed. Once he stepped away from the horse and went into the stables to see more horses he was fine. He pointed and said "horsey, neigh" like he was never scared to begin with!

On the way to the Pet Shenanigans show we stopped to see the eagles (or "big birdies") and the wolves. Wyatt was fascinated by the wolves and kept howling like one. At the show he was very intense. The show basically consists of a bunch of animals doing tricks, but it includes dogs, cats, birds, pigs, etc. Wyatt concentrated very hard on every thing that happened on the stage.

After that we got some food and I fed the baby in a hidden corner with my nursing shawl wrapped around me, and we did diaper changes and got the kids settled. Then we took Wyatt to ride the carousel. He loved it. The only problem is that he's too little to understand that you have to get off so he screamed when it was over. We let him go on again and then took him to Land of the Dragons. He didn't play in the big treehouse because we wanted to leave by 3:15 to beat traffic. We took him on two rides and this time I got to ride with him. Last time I was pregnant and couldn't ride so I was excited to be able to experience the ride with him. Once we were done there we left the park. On the way out we passed the wolves again and once we got near them Wyatt started howling again. He has an amazing memory!

Back at the car we got the kids changed and packed up and hit the road. Unfortunately, it took us two freaking hours to get home! Both kids slept most of the time, but Reese did start wailing because she was hungry once we got to our side of the water. I gave her the pacifier though and she calmed down. Once we got home Wyatt was exhausted, so he had a pretty early night!

Scared of the horse
Thinking it might not be so bad

Wyatt and Brian in front of a great pumpkin

Reese during the Pet Shenanigans show - exciting

Wyatt and Brian during the show
As you can see, Wyatt is turned around. He's checking to make sure that "Daddy push." If Daddy isn't pushing he gets upset. This happens on our nightly walks too.

The great big brother helping me burp the baby

Trying to figure out how the carousel works

Wyatt and I on a ride

The ride home. He wanted a "bon" (blanket) but I only had one of Reese's. He'll probably be mad about this picture when he gets older.

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