Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Brian's birthday! I let him "sleep in" while I went and got Wyatt when he woke up. What Brian really got out of it was not having to change Wyatt's disgusting morning diaper!

Brian went off to work with Noelle, and Wyatt and I got to work on his cake. Wyatt watched me make it (and repeated "egg," "mix," "cake," and "oil") and I let him mix it. He had fun watching me make the cake. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I took Reese, but my friend Stephanie came and stayed with Wyatt (she's about to have a baby, so I think she napped while Wyatt napped). I got home right after they woke up and then we had to go run some errands. We got to Target and Wyatt immediately started asking for "Daddy Juice." I told him no. He took it surprisingly well. We passed the Home Depot and he asked to "drive." Brian puts him in the cart that has a steering wheel and Wyatt likes to drive it around the store. Once again I told him no and he took it very well. Hopefully we're making progress!

Once Brian was home he opened his birthday presents (two seasons of That 70's Show and a book called Bliss to You with life advice from a dog). We left to go out to dinner with his parents, where both kids were on their best behavior. We went to a steakhouse where they have music playing and Wyatt danced the whole time. Reese slept until just before we left. We all came back to our house to have cake and even though Wyatt fell asleep in the car, he woke up once we got home. He had a blast watching the baseball and football games that were on and showing off his knowledge of words, and putting his baseball glove on for the crowd. Even though he didn't want any cake on his half birthday when I made one for him, he desperately wanted some "Daddy cake" last night. He kept walking up to everyone asking for some. He had chocolate all over his face, but he looked awfully cute. Once Brian's parents left we put Wyatt to bed at almost 10! Brian seemed to really enjoy his birthday, I hope he had a great one!

Wyatt getting Daddy's bag for work for him yesterday

Picking out the present Daddy should open first

Helping Daddy open his presents

Wyatt in his "Dad's 1st Round Draft Pick" shirt with Daddy

Reese in her Daddy's little girl outfit


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