Sunday, October 12, 2008

Virginia Children's Fall Festival

On Saturday Brian and I took the kids to the Virginia Children's Fall Festival at Town Point Park. Brian had heard about it a few weeks ago and I found the date in a local parents' magazine last weekend. We decided we wanted to take Wyatt, but forgot about it until I picked the magazine up on Friday night to see what there was to do this weekend in the area.

The festival was from 10-3 on Saturday and we got there around 11. It was downtown so we had to park in a parking garage and we saw some people waiting forever to get onto elevators because they were all jam packed with strollers. We found a secluded one that no one else was using, so we got down really fast. The festival was right on the Elizabeth River, and as we got closer Brian and I saw a cruise ship docked and loading people to go off on vacation somewhere. I was so jealous. We've been on two cruises, one the year before we got married and another on our honeymoon. We had a fantastic time on both. I told Brian I could hear the Lido deck and a nice refreshing beverage calling my name....

But enough about me, the festival was great. There were some musical programs for the kids to listen to and sing silly songs, a bunch of exhibits for the kids to play with (Legoland, Toddler Town, a tea party for little girls, a pirate ship) and some different animals. Wyatt was a little too young for a lot of things, it will probably be right up his alley next year. The local SPCA's had a booth and Wyatt got to pet some doggies and there was also a farm animal exhibit. There was a small train there for kids and parents to ride and as soon as Wyatt saw it he started saying "choo choo, choo choo." Brian took him on there and Wyatt had fun, but Brian said it was a "safety hazard waiting to happen." The driver had a small patch of concrete to work with right by the water and Brian said he kept driving like he was about to drive right in! The coolest thing for Wyatt was "Rocking Horse Ranch," which was an area with a bunch of rocking horses for Wyatt to ride. He had a lot of fun trying out all the different ponies!

After we did all those things we decided to pack the kids up and go home because it was starting to get a little crazy and Wyatt was getting tired. He fell asleep before we left the parking garage and slept on the car ride home for 30 minutes and then when we got home he slept for two more hours! In case you're wondering what Reese did....she slept. Until we got her in the car for the trip home. The she just cooed for a little bit and fell back asleep. She's low maintenance. We all had a lot of fun yesterday and we will definitely go again next year!

Wyatt holding Reese yesterday before we left

Listening to some music with Daddy

Petting a dog. The was immediately after he was scared away from the GEICO gecko. I even tried to tell him that the gecko was my boss, but he was afraid!

With Daddy on the train

Riding a rocking horse at the ranch!

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