Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready for Fall!

Yesterday Reese wore her Winnie the Pooh pumpkin outfit. Actually, the outfit was Wyatt's, which is why it's little big. I'm not about to go out and spend money on holiday outfits that she'll only wear a few times. She'll be wearing Thanksgiving and Christmas onesies and outfits that are a little big, but she's not swimming in them. Okay, maybe I'll buy her one or two of her own Christmas outfits, but I'm drawing the line there. We already have to buy 10 Baby's First Christmas ornaments so that she's even with Wyatt (we're both the oldest in our families, but we still feel very strongly that we need to keep things equal. We don't ever want her or any other babies we have to feel like they were loved less or that we weren't as excited for their "firsts"). Okay, nine more. We bought her first one last week!
There's something about her face in this picture that makes her look like a perfect mix of Brian and I when we were babies. The nose and mouth are mine for sure, but those little cheeks are totally her Daddy's!
And I don't know where those full lips came from!

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