Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Day Wyatt Poked a Horse in the Eye and Tried to Put a Sock on Noelle

Yesterday we went to Busch Gardens for the last time this year with my parents. We hit the usual stops (in fact, we've taken the same route through the park every time and we haven't gotten past Germany). The horses, the eagles, the wolves, the Pet Shenanigans show. This time we actually made it to the train! Wyatt had a lot of fun on the train. He's actually become a little obsessed with "choo choos" lately. He actually behaved well when it was time to get off too.

When Wyatt was petting the Clydesdales and getting his pictures taken with them he was a little scared. But Brian told him the horsey was a "funny horsey" and it made him laugh and he wasn't scared anymore. So he started to point at the horseys nose, ears and eyes and when he said "eyes" he poked the horse in the eye! It was okay though, the horse didn't get mad!
Wyatt rode the carousel with my parents and we started to walk out so that we could get on the road before 3 to beat the Friday traffic. We made one last stop to see the horses again on the way out and Wyatt got a surprise. My mom got him one of the Clydesdales stuffed animals. He loved it and wouldn't let that thing go. He kept it on his lap the whole way out and everybody that we passed commented on how cute he was with his little horse.

Reese was perfectly behaved the entire time, from the time we left the house until we got home. She is a wonderful little baby and she's really starting to get a little personality!

Once we got home we just hung out for the rest of the night. At one point Wyatt took his socks off and threw them on the floor. About 5 minutes later he got down on the floor and started to try and put his sock on Noelle's paw while saying "sock, sock, shoes!" Brian stopped him before he got the sock on her, but it was pretty funny! The number of things he's learning and processing now is amazing!

Having fun on the train

Reese on her first train ride
Reese asleep in her front carrier
He was so excited when he got his horse!
He took his horse over the wall where he saw a picture of more horses
Stopping to see the horses one more time
Leaving the park with his horse!

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