Monday, October 6, 2008


Saturday morning we all got out of the house early to make it to Colin's soccer game in North Carolina. One thing that Brian and I have definitely gotten pretty good at over the last year and half is getting everything we need for the kids together quickly to get them out of the house. We'd talked about going to the game but were going to play it by ear just in case Wyatt woke up too late to make it to the 10 o'clock game. As soon as he woke up I told him that we were going to see Colin and he got excited. He asked where Colin was the entire trip down!

Colin did an awesome job at his game. He gets better every time we see him play! Wyatt had fun watching the game and playing on the playground. He's developed an aversion to swings and we're not really sure where that came from, but he likes slides and he likes the bouncy equipment. Reese did a great job sleeping through the game!

After we left the game we went to one of the local fire departments where they were having an open house. It was a really nice set up. They had burgers and hot dogs and chips and few activities for the kids to do. Colin was able to put a "burning house" out (it was little house with painted flames coming out of the window) with a hose and to crawl through a little agility test. The fire trucks were out, along with a rescue jet ski and a rescue boat. Wyatt's been to the fire station here a bunch to visit my Dad and likes to sit in the truck, but he also like to press buttons. While we were there he LOVED the boat. He would sit in the seat and turn the steering wheel. Every time he got out of it he wanted to get back in. He actually got pretty cranky, but it was nap time!

After the Fire House we all drove back up here so that we could take the kids to the pumpkin patch. There's a local place where you can go and actually cut the pumpkin from the vine and we wanted to take them all there. It was a bigger family affair. Brian's parents, Allison, T, Colin and Piper, and Brian's Uncle and his family came. Wyatt just kept walking through the pumpkins and kneeling down to look at them , so Brian and I had to actually pick the pumpkin out. We went on a hayride pulled by mules. Wyatt kept calling them "horsies," and saying "neigh."

After the pumpkin patch we came home to let Noelle out and found both kids' Halloween costumes had come. They are both really cool! After letting Noelle out we drove back to Brian's parents house and spent the evening there. The boys had a blast playing together. They were up in the playroom and I could hear them playing from downstairs. The girls can't play together yet, but I know that they'll be best buddies too! We left pretty late and Wyatt was very tired. But as we were driving home Brian burped and Wyatt did too to copy him. We all started laughing and Wyatt fell asleep while he was laughing so he had a little smile on his face while he slept. I think he had a really fun day!

Colin shared his postgame snack of pretzels with Wyatt

Driving the boat

He LOVED steering the boat

Wyatt and Daddy in front of the fire truck

"Hmmm...which one do I like best?"

Colin helping Wyatt look for pumpkins

Wyatt pointing out more pumpkins

Reese on her first hayride - exciting stuff!

Petting one of the mules from the hayride

Wyatt helping Daddy carry the pumpkin to the car

Reese in the car ready to go!

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