Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Months Old!

Today our little Reese is two months old! When I think back to two months ago...sitting in my hospital room alone, waiting for Brian to get back from the NICU for his nightly visit...I still feel sick to my stomach. Pumping because that was literally all I could do to help my girl, and she couldn't even have my milk yet. The thought of my Reese with all those tubes attached to her, not even breathing on her own, it all still makes me cry. I hate that she came in the world that way, but I am so thankful that she's a perfectly healthy little baby now!

Today was a big day for Reese. The day started with a bath because I didn't give her one last night. It was followed by a "fashion show." I wanted to put all of her newborn outfits on her one last time and take pictures in each before I fold them up and store them. We only got through half the newborn wardrobe today, but I'm hoping I can finish it tomorrow. I'm not a person who will give the clothes away yet, I'm not sure I could bear to pass anything on. I love each little outfit she's worn and since we're not done bringing little babies into our family, I want to save everything. One day, when we are done (and right now, I'm not sure how we'll know we're done. I'm not trying to go all Duggar on the world but I'm hoping there's some sort of finality that you feel when you have your last kid) I also want to make quilts out of the their baby clothes. Maybe I'll let them have them. Maybe I'll keep them forever just to remind me how little my babies were once. The night I went through Wyatt's clothes and pulled out neutral things for Reese I broke down. My little boy is almost 19 months old and it's flown by! The last two months feel like a week.

Anyway enough Mommy sadness! After Reese's fashion show we went to Toys R' Us to get Christmas ideas for Wyatt and Reese. We saw a few things that we liked for both kids. There's more stuff for Wyatt, but we also have so many gender neutral things for babies that Reese doesn't need a whole lot. She may get a few things, but that playroom is already packed! Wyatt had a really great time playing with a train table. He saw it and bolted over to it to play and stayed there playing contentedly for at least 15 minutes. He cried when we took him away, but he got over it when he saw all the other toys. The only reason he got back in his stroller is because I offered him goldfish. Ridiculous!

Anyway, here's some pictures of our baby girl!

This look goes with her patented "lower lip quiver" which she will be able to use to get whatever she wants from her Daddy forever.

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