Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wyatt's Half Birthday

Last year, right before Wyatt's half birthday, there was a little write up in Parents magazine about half birthdays. The only idea the it really offered was to make half a cake to celebrate your kids' half birthday. I thought it was a fun idea to celebrate. When you're a little kid reaching that half is SUCH a big deal. You tell everyone after your half birthday comes that you're "three and a half.". Extra emphasis on the half. Once you're a grown up....not so much.

It's not really hard to pull off. Basically, you just make the mix and then pour it into a round cake pan. I used a 9 inch and put all the cake batter in. You could use an 8 inch cake pan and make cupcakes with the extra batter, whatever you want. Anyway, after you bake the cake and let it cool, you cut the cake in half. Then you take the bottom half, ice it and then stick the other half on top. So you end up with half a cake. It turned out really cute. Wyatt was interested in wearing the party hats (we kept his Cars hats from last year, so we wore those) and having "Happy half birthday to you" sung to him. The cake? He only made a mess with it, none of it actually went into his mouth, but whatever, we still had fun.
Last year's half birthday celebration!

The family!

Wyatt and Mommy (I kept looking at these trying to figure out what was different...then I realized I painted my kitchen right after this and got rid of the country motif that we "inherited"!)

Wyatt at six months!
This year!

The half cake!

Wyatt, Daddy and Noelle

He kept moving while we sung, so the picture wouldn't focus
Sifting through his cake saying "Where Mickey go?" looking for Mickey on his plate. But eating nothing.

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