Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking After Daddy

Over the last few days Wyatt's become kind of become a little particular about things.... basically he takes after his Daddy....

We went out to dinner for Brian's birthday. We came home and both commented that we smelled like restaurant and everyone went to bed. We woke up in the morning and Brian said "Babe, you should probably wash the sheets today, they smell like a restaurant." I knew he wouldn't have been able to sleep that night if hadn't changed the sheets.

The other night I was putting Wyatt to bed. He was in his jammies and his music was playing. He was excited to go to bed. He pointed at his crib and said "bed." Then he walked over to his armoire drawer (the one we keep his sheets in), and pulled out a new sheet. He took it over to the crib and said "bed." He wanted me to change his sheets!

Yesterday I was getting him up from his nap and I folded his blanket and put it down in the crib. Wyatt looked up at me, picked up the blanket and draped it over the crib. That's what we'd been doing with the blanket for the last month, but I'd decided to start keeping it in the crib instead. When I folded it back up and placed it in the crib, Wyatt looked at me and said "No?," and put it back over the crib. Everything has to be done just the right way. This kid is ridiculous!

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