Thursday, October 2, 2008


We've decided on costumes for the kids and ordered them. Wyatt is going to be an astronaut like his big cousin Colin was a few years ago. Brian is very excited because his costume is coming straight from NASA so it has little NASA patches on it. We debated on a few things, but narrowed it down to a fireman (like my Dad!), a cowboy (like his name!) and an astronaut. Unfortunately, Wyatt is not a big fan of wearing any hat that's not a baseball cap so that ruled out the fireman and cowboy options. The astronaut costume only comes with a baseball cap so he should be able to wear it just fine. Plus, Allison told us a few weeks ago that once they hit Colin's age (he's 4), they start to pick out what they want to be. So we'll take advantage of picking for him while we can, just like she did!

Reese is going to be a pumpkin. I was going to order her costume from one of the Halloween catalogues, but they didn't have any newborn costumes. Pottery Barn Kids had a pumpkin costume in newborn that was actually cheaper than I could find it anywhere else (shocking). So that's what they'll be dressing up as for Halloween!


  1. Colin will be Indiana Jones - we got that outfit the other day. He's pretty excited about it. Piper's costume is still out of stock so I may have to change her to my 2nd choice which is Holly Hobbie (of course you may be too young to remember Holly Hobbie mrs. brittney)

  2. Yeah, I never had a Holly Hobbie. But I might have to find one for Reese. She's got way more clothes on than any doll they make today!