Sunday, October 5, 2008


We didn't do too much around here on Friday. Brian had some yard work to do (every time he was about to mow the lawn last week it rained), so I got some stuff done around the house in the morning. Wyatt helped me with laundry. When I say he "helped" me, he just did what he normally does, which is take the laundry basket and push it around the house while I'm trying to put dry clothes in. Sometimes he even just walks right up and slams the dryer door shut while I'm loading it. On Friday he decided to use the laundry basket as a seat. Fantastic.

Reese started to lift her head up and move it around during her tummy time on Friday. She was doing a very good job. Her ability to hold her head up while she's being held has gotten so much better over the last week or so. She's a little behind Wyatt who was holding his head up and moving it around while being held at two weeks, but she's still doing well!

We had some errands to run that afternoon which included doing some shopping for pants and long sleeve shirts for Wyatt. I decided to stretch out his wardrobe by letting him rock his short sleeve shirts "Daddy Style" with a long sleeve shirt underneath. It would just be ridiculous to waste all those shirts just because it's getting cooler when they still fit him. Plus I think it looks really cute. I was in course inspired to do some shopping because it was cool on Friday but it got pretty warm again yesterday and today. Uck. I'm ready for some fall air!

Maybe he's just using the laundry basket to see over the gate we've surrounded Reese with?

He actually said "Cheese" for this one!
Lifting up her head!
And here she goes again!

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