Saturday, October 18, 2008


Home-A-Rama is a local home showcase where you pay to walk through homes that you can't afford decorated with furniture you can't afford either. Brian and I wanted to go this year for a few reasons. The local neighborhood where Home-A-Rama is being held this year is right next to the neighborhood that we've gone and looked at a few times for a potential new house, so we wanted to go up and see what's around. Our other option has been to buy land and build a house, and we wanted some ideas for what we'd like to include in the house if we choose that option. We're not looking to do it right now, but as I've mentioned before, we really want to move.

Anyway, there were 2 houses that I loved, and a lot of interesting ideas. I took a lot of pictures of things we liked, so here are a few....
This was the second story patio of one of our favorite houses...right off the master bedroom
From the outside this is my dream house. And the inside is beautiful too!
This is the mud room for the above house. I would really like to have a mudroom to keep the diaper bag, shoes, dog collar mess and we loved that sign.
The outdoor kitchen. Seriously, a kitchen.
These bookcases were beautiful, and something we'd love to have. We both have a ton of books and I can't bear to give any away. Everyone of my books means something to me.
The full view of the bookcases. Those doors lead out to the second floor patio on the top picture.
These cabinets were beautiful. They probably look more beautiful to me because I hate my cabinets and my lack of cabinet space!
I would never have a house that needed a light fixture this fancy, but I think those drops are gorgeous. Okay, this is genius. You don't have to plug the nightlight in, the outlet is a nightlight!
Love these tiles, but I never want tile in a bathroom again! I hate it! Our bathroom has tiled floors, tile all around the jacuzzi tub and the shower is completely tiled. It's a pain to clean!

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