Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Reesie Cup Pictures

Since the last post had nothing but pictures of Wyatt, I thought Reese deserved her own post too! She is growing like a weed. She seems so much longer and chubbier than she was a week ago. I took her on the scale with me the other night to get a guesstimate of her current weight which is somewhere in the vicinity of almost 10 pounds (I had a feeling she was getting there, her newborn diapers are getting pretty snug). She is continuing to do a great job moving that little head around, and for the last two nights she's slept for 7 hours straight without waking up to eat and she's gone right back down after she's gotten a belly full. Reese is a great baby!
Asleep in her swing
Playing on her playmat
Looking at herself in the mirror
Mid yawn
Mid sneeze

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