Thursday, October 9, 2008

Such a Good Dog Owner

Wyatt is just like his Daddy in a lot of ways. He loves sports (especially baseball and Yankees), he loves to dress like his Daddy, he loves to eat bananas every morning for breakfast and shout "Banana," he loves to rough house, he loves animals and most importantly he loves doggies.

Brian and Noelle have been together for almost 15 years (she'll be fifteen years old on the 17, but Brian didn't get her until Christmas, hence her name). He loves his dog very very much (we all do, but their relationship is different than the one she and I have, or the one she and Wyatt have). Noelle has given Brian fifteen years of unconditional love and happiness and I know he's done the same for her. Seriously, you see what happens when he waves to her across the room...she wags her tail and he gets the biggest smile across his face, and this happens at least five times a day. Brian's always said one of the best perks of his job is that Noelle gets to go to work with him everyday, which she's done since June 2002. Anyway, there's isn't anything that we wouldn't do for our girl Noelle. You can read more about her here.

Anyway, Wyatt has a shining example of dog ownership to follow and he's definitely taking note of everything his Daddy does. The first thing Wyatt does in the morning is ask "Where Noelley go?" and look for her. Then he squats down and looks at her and says "Hi Noelley" with the biggest smile on his face. He likes to pet her. He begs her for a kiss everyday, but she's stingy with them. You should see Wyatt walk up to her and start sticking his tongue out asking for a kiss.

Today Wyatt decided that his puppy (the miniature one that we look for everyday) needed to eat and drink. So he sat next to Noelle's bowls and stuck his dog in each of them so that it could get what it needed. And he said "eat puppy, eat!" He's so sweet!

Giving the puppy a drink

Giving the puppy something to eat (you'll notice the bowls don't match. They used to until Wyatt dropped one on the tile floor)

Some more to drink. Wyatt is wearing his shirt the same way Daddy wears his today!

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