Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sunday was another pretty fun day for us all. Brian was planning on going to Bark in the Park with his parents and Allison and T and Company. I was planning on going to a baby shower for our friend Stephanie. We got up early and went on the usual Sunday morning walk to 7-11 to get the newspaper. We took Wyatt to the park to play. He had a great time on the bouncy toys, but still refused to go on the swings. We have nice parks that were just redone. We typically only go to the larger park on these walks because it's on the way and go to one that's only a block from the house the rest of the time. Lots of people use the bigger park for soccer practice since it's right on a main road so it's not that "neighborly." Apparently some little vandals also hang out there at night because the new equipment has already been "tagged." On the walk to 7-11 we realized that we only have one usable car for the situation. I can't drive Brian's Jeep (I'm no good with stick shift...I got pulled over on my way home from the DMV the day I got my permit and it traumatized me) and it wasn't running that day anyway (it's since been fixed) and he still would have needed my car for the kids.

Fortunately, Dave and Steph picked me up on their way to the shower which allowed Brian to take the kids with him. Brian said the park event was not organized well and it wasn't very easy for him to maneuver the stroller, but that there were a ton of dogs which slightly overwhelmed Wyatt. They went and look at a dock dog exhibit where the dogs jump to get a "dummy," and then they came and picked me up from the shower.

We were home in time to watch the Cowboys game at 4 which only matters to us because Brian picked them in a pretty large pool that he's in. It starts with a ton of people and you pick one team to win each weak. A lot of people have been eliminated so far and Brian's still in it. Wyatt likes to watch football and yell "Hut One, Hut Two" and take off running while he's holding the ball. We pretty much spent the rest of the day hanging out here with the kids, except of course for when we went on our nightly walk. We're big into walking around here!

This is Wyatt's excited face. He also makes this face at Target when he gets to share "Daddy Duice." Brian always gets lemonade and shares it with Wyatt and he gets SO excited. As soon as we pull into Target we can here Wyatt in the back seat saying "Daddy Duice, Daddy Duice."

Giving Daddy a kiss

At the top of the slide. Brian's right behind him!

With Colin who's looking like a tough guy

A dog in the dock dog competition. No relation to any of our four legged relatives.

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