Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reese and Baby Nina

Baby Nina is Reese's favorite baby doll (named after Nina from the Imagination Movers).  She loves to push her in her little stroller and give her baths and change her clothes.  Right now those clothes are mostly made up of Circo outfits that we get from Target!  I would LOVE to buy her an American Girl doll one day, but that's not something I'm going to do until she's older and I know she can take care of it.  Those prices are no joke!  A store recently opened in Northern Virginia, so I'm thinking that going to the store and picking out her own doll out would be an awesome fifth or sixth birthday present!

Anyway, she loves Baby Nina.  We bought the baby a swimsuit and cover up at Target a few weeks ago, and Reese has been begging to take her to my parents' house to watch her swim.  Today Nina finally got to come along.
 Reese was very excited to see Nina in her bathing suit and really wanted to take her swimming.  Since the doll is actually made to be a bathtub toy, I figured it would be okay :)
 This is where Baby Nina took her nap after she was done swimming (and she rode around the pool in this, too!)
This is where the day took a tragic turn.  Reese was swimming around with the baby's head under the water!  She will never be allowed near Hudson in the pool.  Never!

Nina was also lucky enough to play the "victim" for Wyatt.  He wanted to "save" her, and would throw her in the pool, and then jump off the diving board to get her.  These kids are nuts!


  1. I came over from Jenna's Journey. Your daughter is adorable (as is your boys)! I agree that the target dolls are great to help teach them how to take care of them before you spend the money on an American Doll! Happy 4th

  2. I found you at Jenna's Journey! I sell thirty-one also. Are you going to conference?

    LOVE your blog theme :)

  3. Your family is beautiful!! Stopping by from Jenna's Journey! Happy 4th!