Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Day...

Brian and I have been to the NICU to visit Reese twice so far today. We'll probably be leaving within the next hour for our last trip for the day. Reese has been doing well. When we were last there they had lowered her dependency on the vent so that she's breathing more on her own and they've also lowered her Oxygen to 23%. We were very happy when we got there and saw those changes. We had to make a tough call earlier and ask everyone else not to visit her today. She just gets a little worked up when she has visitors and we really need her to get over her humps on the vent so that she can go back to C-PAP. It's looking like it might have been a good call, but I'm still sorry that no one else got to visit her.

There were rumblings when we were there earlier today about letting her stabilize where she is on the vent and putting her back on C-PAP tomorrow. We're not getting our hopes up, but we are cautiously optimistic that it might happen. We would love for it to happen, but we want to be sure that it's the right thing! Please continue to keep our Baby Girl in your prayers!

The following pictures will catch you up on our Reese pictures. We don't like to over stimulate her, so we haven't been able to take many. Obviously I'm just posting good pictures, we've taken many more, but the ones below are the most current. Our goal was always to make sure that we had equal numbers of pictures for both our kids, so we have a lot to catch up to when she comes home!

Here's the view of her little isolette. We have a few things there to decorate it for her. At this point the picture of Mommy, Daddy and Wyatt was being printed (it's there now), but there's a picture of Noelle and a toy that Anna gave Reese.
Here she is hooked up to the vent
Reese again! Her eyes are covered to keep her stimulation to a minimum.
Her little hand during her blood transfusion yesterday (mainly precautionary)
Reese and Mommy (and a picture of Noelle)
Daddy's Girl and Daddy (and Daddy's other girl Noelle)

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