Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Bike Ride

Wyatt's new bike seat was finally delivered about a week and a half ago, and Brian got it hooked up to his mountain bike pretty quickly. It took us a night and three stores to find the bike helmet for Wyatt, and then it took some time for Brian to get home before it was dark and have enough time to get the seat installed, but we finally got Wyatt out for his first bike ride on Sunday night. He had a blast! He has such a huge smile on his face while he's riding on the bike and he loves that he gets to spend time with Daddy while he does it!

The boys went off and road around the neighborhood for awhile, and Brian said Wyatt was talking to him about stuff the whole time. They've gone on another ride since these were taken, and apparently on the second ride Wyatt made Brian join him in one of his new hobbies.... beat boxing. Wyatt can't get enough of it. It's pretty funny, I'll have to get some clips of him beat boxing soon.

Brian said he and Wyatt got a lot of weird looks because of the way the bike is positioned, but that he really enjoys being able to communicate with Wyatt while they ride. Either way, they both had a great time

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