Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Little Guy

Wyatt learned the word "No" a few weeks ago. At that point, it was something that he knew because it meant he shouldn't be doing something. So, he would do something he wasn't supposed to, put his finger in the air and say "No!" and then do it anyway. If you need some imagery, picture a little boy looking at you, holding his bowl of bananas up in the air, pointing his finger and saying no, and then tossing the bowl on the floor. And then he smiles.

Wyatt now also recognizes that no is a response to a question. Sometimes he gets it right (I think). Like, "Wyatt, do you want to go take a nap?" "Noooo." And he says it very sweetly. It almost sounds like he's questioning you back. But sometimes, I wonder. I've asked him today if he wanted a snack, if he wanted to read a book, if he wanted to play basketball....and I've gotten a no all three times....and then Wyatt wanted to do all three of those things. Brian said that he's going to teach him "yes" tonight by asking if he wants to play T Ball and when Wyatt says no he'll just put the T away. We'll have to see if that works....

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