Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Shower!

Yesterday my family, a few friends, and the bikini brigade (my sister's friends who do my yard work) got together for a Baby Shower at my Mom's house. I had a great time! The decorations were cute, the food was yummy and the cake was delicious! We got a lot of great stuff...a ton of really cute outfits (her wardrobe doubled yesterday), new bottles (we used Drop Ins with Wyatt, but I always forgot them and had to go back and get them), a wipes warmer, crib sheets, a really cute Sesame Street humidifier, and the super cute pink play mat and booster seat that I really wanted and more! We are so grateful for everything!

Wyatt was there of course, and while he refused to sleep all day, he did enjoy seeing his grandmothers and great grandmothers and aunts and the bikini brigade. He would basically lead whoever's hand he could get where he wanted them to go and make them play with him. He saw his baby cousin Piper and said "Baby. Baby." I don't think he knew what to do when she cried, but since he told me "No," I'm pretty sure he thought that I was the cause of it. He refers to my sister and her friends as "the girls" and will pretty much follow them anywhere. They've been at my parents house 24/7 this summer, but as I mentioned, they've also been doing stuff around the house for me, so he sees them a lot.

Today I took some gift cards that we've gotten over the last few weeks to Target and picked up some things that we still needed (you know, fun stuff, like replacement bottles for my breast pump). Tomorrow we have my 37 week appointment (the next to last one) and we're going to be taking our 10% off registry items coupon to Babies R Us to get some other stuff that we still her mattress! I'm really trying my best to get us ready for Baby Girl to get here. She still needs a middle name (although I think we both know what it's going to be, we just have to make it "official") and we have a ton of stuff to so around the house, but we'll get there!
The cake. Seriously, it was so good. I'm about to go have a piece now.
Chandelier Decorations
Piper. She wasn't that excited about the Baby Shower I guess.

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