Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wyatt's New Booster Seat

As I mentioned in the blog about the baby shower, we got a new booster seat at the shower this weekend. The intention is to get Wyatt in the booster seat and get the high chair out of my kitchen for the next six months and clear up some space. Plus, it fully converts so that he can use it to eat at the table soon. That makes me more comfortable because our kitchen table and chairs are pretty high, and I really would prefer for him to be strapped in for a long time!

Wyatt had his first meal in his new seat the other night, and he really seemed to enjoy himself! Thanks Steph and Dave!
He looks like such a big boy here!

Side shot!

Sitting at the table like a big boy!

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  1. Picture 3:
    I believe I saw this same scene in the 1989 film "Batman"