Friday, August 22, 2008

Crunch Time!

I feel like I've been running around like chicken with its head cut off all day...but I'm trying to get so much done! This morning I went to the hospital for my anesthesia consult thingy, which consisted of surgically registering at the hospital (apparently you can't just register with OB), talking to a nurse about whether I'm allergic to anything and what medicines I'm currently taking, and then having blood drawn. I did all this, impressively in my opinion, with an (almost) seventeen month old in tow! We left as soon as we woke up, so I brought his breakfast for him to eat in his stroller...good call on my part. It kept him entertained for about 10 minutes.

After the hospital, Shannon and I wanted to have one last "playdate" for the boys before the little one comes. The boys got some quality time in playing with toys and Shannon and I got to sit on our butts and occasionally intervene in toy fights.

I then went to Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower gift for a friend and Kohl's for a birthday present for my sister. As usual, Brian needs a new Yankees hat (it needs to be replaced every few months), so I went to the mall to get him one. They had a buy 1 get 1 half off sale, which usually means I would buy Brian 2, but they had toddler hats so Wyatt got his own "big boy" Yankees hat. I also got the little fella's hair cut while we were at the mall. It's still a little long, but it's been cleaned up a lot. Fortunately, my parents were headed to the mall at the same time I was, so I had an extra set of hands distracting Wyatt while the (very unfriendly) girl cut his hair.

We dropped some stuff off at the waterpark for Brian, Wyatt showed off his hitting skills to the rest of the staff and then we came home for naps. Now we have to go to my parents house for my sister's birthday. She's been at camp all week and my parents completely redecorated her room while she was gone, so she should be surprised. Now she has a fancy room to start high school with....holy crap, my baby sister is starting high school! I can't believe she's 14 years old today!

Brian just called to tell me that he's going to pick Noelle up from her special Vet appointment with the second opinion Vet. This morning he mentioned that the kidney levels and everything that we've been told are so far out of whack weren't really that bad, but Brian hasn't had any updates since then. I know he just wants to get his dog back and make sure she's healthy...I'm sure he's had a crappy day without her!

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