Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update - Reese Is Off The Ventilator!

Brittney will go more in depth tomorrow (later is currently 1:00am), but here is a quick summary of our surprising evening. We arrived at the hospital around 9:30 tonight. We were immediately told that our little girl was doing "fabulous." Five minutes later, the nurse practitioner decide to "extubate" or remove her breathing tube. We stepped outside for 5 minutes and then they called us back in. Our Reese was free of the ventilator! She is now on low flow oxygen via nasal cannula. But our shocking night had only just begun...they let us hold Reese...FINALLY! Brittney held her for 25 minutes and I held her for 5. Then Brittney got to change her poopy diaper.

Reese still has a lot of challenges ahead of her, and maybe even a few backward steps (hopefully not), but she made HUGE progress today and we are very proud of her. You can't imagine the joy we felt tonight. We went to the hospital hoping that she had just maintained her numbers from this morning. We got more than we ever dreamed of.

Brittney will give a better version of this story later and post some pictures. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have been receiving. Thank you to everyone. Please keep Reese in your prayers.

- Brian


  1. way to grow reese! Congrats guys. You know we all hope it keeps getting better from here.

  2. That is fantastic news, congratulations! You all are still in our thoughts and prayers.