Friday, August 8, 2008

Well Child

Today was Wyatt's well child check up. As usual, Brian and I were constantly stopping him from playing with the Doctor's rolly chair. They've recently become computer savvy and keep all records online, along with computers in the exam rooms. So, we were battling keeping him away from the mouse and keyboard as well. Fun stuff.

Today Wyatt had his blood pressure checked for the very first time, which he was captivated by. His blood pressure was 101/76....but they didn't really give any indications of what it should be, so I don't know how that is. 

Wyatt's Stats
Weight - 27.8 pounds - 83rd percentile. 
Height - 32.5 inches, 77th percentile
Head - 19.25 cm, 86th percentile

The doctor originally told us that his height is in the 82nd percentile, but the nurse wrote down 77th. Either way we're extremely pleased that he's bouncing up from the 40's! I actually told Brian the other day that I've noticed that he seems to getting taller now. And I figured that the fact that he needs to wear toddler hats meant he has a big head!

The Doctor also looked at the bump on his foot and said it's looking wart-like so we need to start treating as such. Fun. Wyatt's saying far more words than they expected him to be saying as well, and his motor skills are up there as well, which is great to hear! He has to go back at 18 months, and the Doctor said that if I'm up for bringing both of them in at the same time for their check ups that he's game too, so it looks like we'll be coordinating those together. Fortunately, Brian comes to all the Baby check ups too, so I always have help.

He also checked the on call schedule and told me who will be in the hospital while we're there. He's not on call on the 25th, but he'll be there on the 27th so we'll see him then. Meanwhile, I'm going to wake Wyatt up from a very late nap and take him over my parents so that I can go get my final pregnancy massage!

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