Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Places to Shoot Hoops

Wyatt's been pretty obsessed with playing "Bakaball" recently. He goes in his play room to shoot hoops about once an hour when we're home. He will now stand in front of the hoop and say "shoot. shoot." But, my little daredevil has also discovered more interesting ways to play the game. He will bring toys over to the hoop and stand on them so that he can try and balance and shoot (he's done this with his Rocking Puppy as well as his drum), he will climb up on the Papasan chair and stand on it to try and make a shot from far away, and he's also gotten pretty good at throwing the ball to Brian so that Brian can "dunk" the ball. At least he's learning about team work.

The other day, I was sitting on the couch and Wyatt came and grabbed my hand and said "Bakaball." That means he wants me to play with him. We went into the playroom to play basketball...and there were no basketballs to be found. I was looking all over the place for them and then Wyatt asked for "Duice, teeeeeeeeease." (Juice please). So I walked over to the cabinet to get a sippy cup...and I found the basketballs. Apparently, Wyatt had decided he was over playing with the basketball hoop and instead wanted to start shooting for the sink.

Yesterday, Wyatt even found himself entertained for about 15 minutes watching the Team USA basketball team play Spain in the Olympics. He kept watching saying "Shoot, shoot." I just wonder where the interest in basketball is going to go from here. Brian really enjoys college basketball, but can not stand the NBA, so I guess we'll see...

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