Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Dorks. Yeah, Seriously.

The other night we went out and about looking for a bike helmet for Wyatt. We tried Toys R Us first, but they only had one dorky, girly helmet. We went to Sports Authority and they had nothing. We finally found the perfect bike helmet for the little guy at Target. Where else?

Anyway, while we were at Toys R Us the boys stopped to look at the new Star Wars toys that came out about a week ago. Brian had looked over them briefly last week, but walked Wyatt over to have a look. And Wyatt LOVED the toys. He loved looking at them, pressing the buttons, everything. I was seriously hoping that this wasn't a genetic trait :(. At least we've finally moved past buying all of them! Anyway, I happened to have a camera with me so I took a few pictures of them playing!

By the way, I've watched the movies. But I just don't get what the bid deal is. Just. Don't. Get. It.

Checking out the Millenium Falcon

Brian lets Wyatt hold a Clone Trooper head

Pressing all the cool buttons

Listening to all the cool sounds.

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