Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm currently in "nesting" mode (3 weeks left!), so I'm running around the house organizing EVERYTHING. Wyatt's room was just the beginning. Yesterday the refrigerator, freezer and pantry got hit. Every laundry basket in the house is empty. My sister and her friends cleaned and vacuumed the Rav 4 for me, dusted all the fans, and broke down a bunch of boxes. I'm currently washing all Wyatt's "reusable" stuff for the Baby, and putting a bunch of his photos in photo albums where they belong.

The part of all this that irritates me is that I was so amped on getting prepped for the aftermath of Baby Girl that I was excited to get things accomplished. So of course, I was getting meals prepared to freeze for us to eat after she's here. I got two recipes together, jotted my shopping list down, bought what I needed and started to cook. The water for my pasta boiled fine, the oven preheated and was ready to go. I just needed to let some spinach simmer in olive oil and garlic. And that's when my burners stopped working. I kept wondering why my spinach wasn't simmering...and it was because none of my burners would work. They'd worked 10 minutes before for me to boil the pasta though! I turned off the oven hoping maybe it just overheated or something (the oven is only like 5 years old, it still shouldn't be happening), but then the whole thing just went kaput. So now, I'm left with boiled noodles....and that's about it.

I knew that getting prepared in advance would backfire on me. Stupid Kenmore oven. I guess somebody is going to have to come look at it in the next few days....

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