Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wyatt's Room - Before & After

Last night (aided by a little boy who had passed out in the car and was content to sleep on the dog bed for 2 hours) Brian and I were able to get Wyatt's new room "situated." We had to take apart the crib and put it back together because it wouldn't fit through the doorway and move the rest of his furniture down the hall. Once the furniture was arranged we organized everything (I had started to slip on the organization once we knew were moving him). We put away clothes that no longer fit him, organized the closet, threw out excess hangers and got everything put where it needed to go. Brian wasn't able to get around to hanging everything up on the walls last night, and we still need to take down the (horrendous) vinyl blinds and replace them with wood ones and put up his valance, but the structure of the room is there. I might post more pictures once the room is "complete."

Wyatt woke up before we put him to bed and was a little cranky. We showed him his new room and told him how nice it was of him to give up his room for his baby sister, and that his new room was cool for a big boy because it has more space to play. That seemed to make him happy, but he didn't fall asleep in his new room too nicely. Fortunately, as diagnosed by Mommy, it was just an issue of being overtired (no naps for 2 days will do that to you) and not an issue of hating his new room. He slept very nicely in there for his nap yoday and went to bed peacefully tonight. Now we just need to get her room organized.....

Wyatt's old room

Wyatt's New Room - Before
Corner of new room


Furniture in the new room

Corner of the new room - can't wait to replace the blinds!

Wyatt passed out on the dog bed while we straightened his room
Another shot of him on the dog bed

Sleepy boy seeing his room for the first time!

Cuddling with Mommy in his new room. He peed on me shortly after this picture was taken and laughed and said "Potty on Mommy."

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