Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Plain Irresponsible

Wyatt and I were watching The Wonder Pets tonight, and to be honest with you it really made me angry. In this episode two baby sea lions were fighting over a piece of salmon on some rocks in the middle of the ocean. On this particular day it was especially windy, and the brother and sister sea lion were on the rocks tugging the salmon back and forth.

My question is...where were the baby sea lions' parents? I mean, I'm as grateful as the next Mom that the Toddler Animal Superheroes are around to save other baby animals, but the parents have to take some responsibility here. After The Wonder Pets taught the kids that it's important to share by using their own beloved celery as an example and had to save one of the sea lions from falling off the rocks into the cold Alaskan waters, the parents showed up to thank Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming. But where could these parents possibly have been that they weren't able to get to their babies before 3, 4 and 5 year old animals were able to fly on a mysteriously built contraption from their home on the Continental United States to somewhere in Alaska?

The problem is that this is what happens in the majority of the episodes. Mommy and Daddy animal are nowhere to be found while their child is in mortal peril, but they show up as soon as Linny breaks out the celebratory celery. I suppose it's just a good thing that there's a guinea pig, turtle and duckling there to answer the call when the phone is ringing.

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