Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Girl Update!

Our appointment went well today. We were actually in and out of the office in 25 minutes which was SHOCKING. I've gained a pound in the last week and my blood pressure is great! I measured right at 37 weeks, and her heartbeat was between 115 and 120. It was low, but that was because I was having a contraction while the doctor was listening :). I've dilated to one centimeter, which is crazy! With Wyatt, I didn't dilate AT ALL before my due date and even then I only got to 1 before I was induced. At this point, the Doctor said that if I start having painful contractions that are less than 10 minutes apart I should head to the hospital for my C Section.

After the appointment we headed out to Babies R Us to get some things we still needed...but our coupon was for 10% off. When Brian went and bought us drinks for our shopping trip they gave him a coupon book that has one that's effective on Friday for 20% off one item. Knowing that we were going to be getting another coupon when we really checked out, we decided to wait until this weekend to buy her mattress and the double stroller so that we could save significantly more money on both. Brian then went and got the scanner for registering and added things that we saw today that we wanted to the registry so we could still get them for 10% off. He's so crafty. There were also some things that we registered for online that they didn't have in stock, so I just tried to use the online code on the coupon and it gave me the 10% off again! You gotta do what you gotta do...these kids are expensive!

Anyway, hopefully the rest of the day will be relaxing. The boys are going swimming and on a bike ride and I will be napping. And doing laundry. My husband wants to have a date the X Files movie. From what I understand he used to be obsessed, but I fortunately missed that period and would only go to the movie because he has no one else to see it with...I mean, even the fellas have no interest in seeing this with him.

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