Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Update

Brian and I made it to the hospital to visit Reese twice today. Thanks to our mothers we will make it back definitely twice tomorrow, and seeing as how we both have family coming up this weekend I might make it back a little more tomorrow and Sunday. When we left the hospital tonight Reese's Oxygen level was at 23% (the goal is 21%), the nurse told us that she fluctuated between 23% and 27% all day. She increased a few times, mainly because whenever they mess with her she gets rambunctious and starts breathing fast so they raise her O2 level. The goal is still for her to stabilize while on the vent before placing her back on C-PAP. We're praying that over the next few days she stabilizes and we begin to see a clear picture of where our Baby Girl's treatment is headed. When we got there tonight she had her little eyes opened and she was just looking at us while she was laying down, but you could tell she was sleepy because her eyes would drift closed and then open back up, like "Mommy and Daddy are here, I want to see them."

Wyatt is back home tonight after spending the last few days with my parents. He fell back into his routine nicely, although he and Brian got a little rowdy tonight. Further proof that I'll need help though because Wyatt nailed me in the area of my incision about twice and it hurt. Fortunately our parents will be able to help us out with this stuff. Unfortunately, my Dad is being sent to Houston to wait for Hurricane Gustav to roll in, so I know Wyatt will really miss him and I know my Dad will miss being able to visit Reese and get regular updates.

Brian and I quickly learned that Wyatt is picking up words after hearing them for the first time. Specifically I think Wyatt overheard the word "Boobies" (we're very mature about the breastfeeding around here) and Wyatt said "Boo boo, boo boo" a few times. There really are a lot of words that you don't think of as "bad" but you also don't want to hear your 17 month old walking around repeating!

Tomorrow Brian's mom is coming over first thing so that Brian and I can get to the NICU by 9. He's going to go into work for a few hours, but not spending the whole day there. Like I said before I'm hoping to escort a few more people in so I might get to see her more. Only our parents can get into the NICU without one of us. If we have any updates to share I'll be sure to pass them along, please just continue to keep Reese in your prayers!
Kisses like this one got me through some rough patches (although Wyatt constantly reminding himself "No Kick Mommy" was pretty funny too).

Smiling at Daddy
Reese grasping Brian's finger (she's on C-PAP still here)

Reese intubated and on the vent

Me seeing her on the vent for the first time

View from the top

Reese curled up with her frog (the multicolored thing on her chest). This serves two purposes. It simulates the womb environment because she weighed down and can't move as much, but because it's weighed down and can't move as much it helps keep her from pulling on the tubes. With preemies interest in the tubes isn't a problem because they're so small, but with full term babies like our girl, those tubes are likely to get yanked out...and they almost have been. The washcloth over her forehead helps block out the light to keep her stimulation to a minimum.

Me kissing Reesie on her forehead

Daddy is seriously in love with his little girl! When I was recovering and couldn't make it down he would just sit and stare at her for hours...sometimes leaving me waiting in the room to find out how she was doing! But it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. What a great husband and Daddy!

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