Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wyatt's First Trip to the Emergency Room

Yikes. Last night (early evening) Wyatt and I were playing in the den. He climbed up on the couch and was playing on the edge and I told him "No." He smiled back at me and went on to try and climb anyway. I saw him fall and tried to jump up to get him....but I'm huge and I was too late. He fell over the ledge and landed on his head and then did a forward roll.

He screamed, but he seemed okay. I couldn't help it, my first instinct was to look at his eyes and make sure his pupils were okay and grab him and hold him. Then, while holding him as tight as I could, I grabbed my purse, his diaper bad and a sippy cup and was out the door. I called Brian to tell him I was going to the ER and to meet me there, which he responded well to (no flip outs or anything). A new hospital/ health complex was just built right down the street from our house so it usually takes about 5 minutes to get there. However, they built the new health complex right next to the amphitheater. So of course, last night when I'm freaking out about Wyatt and trying to get him to a doctor, there's a Journey and Heart concert. The only traffic I really hit was the road leading up to the turn to get the hospital. A few people tried to cut me off, but I don't think I necessarily displayed any polite actions to indicate that they could get in. And then I off roaded it. I drove the RAV 4 up on the sidewalk to get to street to turn on.

Once we got to the ER he was perfectly fine. He was laughing and talking and drinking his juice. And we only waited for 3 minutes to see the triage nurse. The doctor saw us within 45 minutes, and he said Wyatt seemed perfectly fine, that we could monitor him overnight, but that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with him. So we left after spending only one hour in the ER. Amazing. We got home and Wyatt was his old self, running around and laughing at Daddy. He was perfectly fine, but Brian and I still went in to check on him every hour!
Riding his ATV after the trip to the ER. He still has his wristband on.
Still playing
As you can see, falling off the couch (twice yesterday, he'd fallen off once while I was at work) and having to go to the ER really affected him. I'm sitting to his right and he's explaining to Brian and I that the pitcher is throwing the ball.

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