Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol: Week 2

Country Music is probably my favorite genre of music. I've listened to it since I was little, and while I have eclectic musical tastes (to be honest, I LOVE Jay-Z and think he's a genius), country is where I inevitably always end up, whether it's on the radio or my iPod.

Which is why I feel like I would be qualified to help these contestants pick their songs this week. Because they clearly can't make a proper choice on their own. Last night S-U-C-K-E-D.

The girls: I won't waste time on Alexis. Boring and pitchy. I thought Allison did okay, but I didn't think her song was a good choice. In fact, I hate that song. Lil Rounds can sing, but I don't think Independence Day was a good song for her. She said it was "relevant," and my guess is that she was in some way trying to relate it to the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. But I think she could have found at least one song to R&B up. Megan was fantastic for being all flu-ish. I think she picked the best song for her voice. And even though she never moves, she's never boring.

The boys: WHAT WAS ADAM LAMBERT THINKING? I think that in order to enjoy that performance you probably needed to be drugged. Or drunk....wait that explains it! It was St. Patrick's Day, so he thought that all the drunkards would like it. I can attest that from talking to a few friends...the drunks loved it.

Danny Gokey...whatever. It was okay when he was at the chorus. But the beginning was average. Brian keeps asking me why I don't like him. I think it's just something about him being so popular. I just don't like it. I had the same problem with David Archuleta.

Michael Sarver. Not good. Bad song. I think he could have picked a better one (like Bless the Broken Road or something. Or Mud on the Tires since Brad Paisley is going to be on tonight.) Kris Allen was pretty good. I've done some more research on him this week and I think he has a broader fan base than I suspected. Scott McIntyre could also have picked a better song. I didn't like his performance last night.

Now let's discuss my two favorites. Anoop was awesome. He did a wonderful job and redeemed himself. Now, in my eyes he didn't have to redeemed but I guess he did in the eyes of the rest of America. I personally (along with Brian) prefer Elvis' version of You Were Always on My Mind to Willie Nelson's, but those are two pretty famous men and he really did a fantastic job covering their work. Matt Giraurd is amazing. I loved his version of the song, I love his voice, and I really hope that people start to pay attention to him. He can really appeal to all sorts of people and I think he could make a really great album.
My Picks

Bottom Three: Michael Sarver, Allison Iraheta and Alexis Grace
Going Home: Alexis Grace (even if the story broke earlier this week that she's the producers' pick to make it to the Top 4).

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