Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Word

We had an exciting development in the house...Wyatt learned how to say the word "zombie" last night. I am not allowed to discuss the circumstances that caused me to teach him the word (my wife will not let me), but I am very excited about Wyatt's progress! (I am a huge fan of zombie movies) The possibilities are endless..."Daddy can we watch the zombies?" "Daddy can we listen to Rob Zombie?"

*Don't flip out...I have no intention of showing him zombie movies until he is much, much older.



  1. that is so funny! i am sure my husband will do the same thing to our son someday.

  2. Expanding his vocabulary is impressive parenting especially from a daddy! You should be proud of yourself. Zombie movies rock...except that they are pretty much all rated R so it may be awhile until he sees them.