Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow Up and Sippy Cup

How terrible was I about calling American Idol last night? I'm usually not that bad with my predictions! Seriously, I've won Fantasy American Idol for the last 3 years! If you want to know what Fantasy American Idol's a game Brian and I made up to make watching TV a little more exciting. We pick who is going to be in the bottom three before and after we watch the performance show and win points if we're right. You get more points for your "before show" guesses than the "after show" guesses, and you get bonus points if you pick who was actually eliminated. It's a long process that involves a very detailed Excel spreadsheet, but it makes TV a little fun. Whatever, I'm not a dork. Don't judge me.

Seriously though, what was I thinking? Well, I was thinking Jorge would get a very segmented group of votes and he would be safe, and I legitimately thought no one knew who Allison and Kris were...but I was wrong. I get another shot to be right next week!

Yesterday I gave Wyatt his juice after his nap and he carried it into the den where Reese was sitting on the floor playing. When he walked in the room she started whimpering, and making gestures like she wanted his cup. I introduced the sippy cup to Wyatt around 6 months, so I figured I would give her a shot too. I put water in her cup and took the stopper out (that way the water comes out easily) and gave it to her. That was exactly what she wanted! She took the cup and drank away. Actually, she munched away. We've got two teeth that are about to break through on the bottom and she really just used the cup to gnaw on.

I never give juice or water in the bottle, I just give it to them in the sippy cup without a stopper. Once they've mastered it without the stopper I put the stopper in. I haven't given her any juice yet and I probably won't for a few weeks because she's starting her veggies. But I want to get her working on the sippy cup so that it's gone by August 25th. Wyatt stopped using the bottle two weeks before his first birthday (I mixed his formula and new milk together for a few weeks), and I don't anticipate letting her either.

Here's Reese super excited to try her sippy cup!
Getting her first sip!
Gnawing on the spout
Studying Wyatt's drinking skills.

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