Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wyatt's Birthday

Wyatt had a pretty great birthday (I think anyway). For starters, Brian was back after spending a week and a half in Florida at the new waterpark. He's not going to be there full time, but he has been getting the park ready to open and getting the lifeguard program set up. He will be traveling back and forth sporadically, but he was down there so long because the park opened last weekend. Must be nice to be in Florida and be able to go to waterparks in March!

After being away from his Daddy for so long, Wyatt was thrilled to see him. He had a few "I miss my Daddy" meltdowns, and two nights of pretty rough sleep (the night before Brian came home he woke up three times calling for him). As soon as Brian got home Sunday morning Wyatt ran to the door, and then spent most of the day attached to him. There were times that Wyatt would sit next to Brian on the couch and then look up at him, smile, and throw his arms around him. It was precious. We went to dinner and Wyatt couldn't sit next to Brian, so he tried to keep his arm around him the whole time. He is such a Daddy's boy!

He started the day with birthday muffins (which he referred to as "Cupcakes), and the Sprout birthday appearance. He talked about it being Wy Wy's birthday all day. We had appointments at the Pediatrician for both kids. I know, I'm a terrible mother to take him on his birthday, but he didn't need shots and it's easier to take them both on the same day. Reese was a month behind on her six month check up! Wyatt is now 30 pounds, 8 ounces (79th percentile, up almost three pounds from November) and 35 inches (68th percentile, up two inches from November). I knew he'd had a bit of a growth spurt because his 18 month-sized pants are now too short and he's fitting perfectly into his 24 month ones. I just don't want to go buy new jeans when he's about to spend his summer in shorts! The doctor gave us a rough estimate that Wyatt might be 5'10. He also said that they'll be able to give a better estimate at his three year check up. There's also apparently some calculation where you take the height of the same sex parent and multiply it by two, add the height of the other parent, and divide by three. That says Wyatt will be 5'7. It also says Brian would have been 5'7. Since Brian is actually 6'1, we're not buying that calculation.

Wyatt names all of his animals and told "Dr. Bones" what they all said. Overall he was very good since it was a "naptime" appointment and he had to wait for his little sister (I'll give you her update later).

After the Doctor's appointment we went on a few errands because both kids fell asleep in the car. We came home and Wyatt helped me bake his cake and he relaxed with Daddy. We went to my parents' house for dinner (I did not feel like cooking), and even though my Mom made Wyatt his very own pizza, he didn't want any. The only thing he wants to do at their house is wear his fireman outfit. He loves that thing and refused to take it off. The only thing that coaxed him out of it was taking him outside to play with Bella. And then he didn't even want to come in to open his presents!

Brian and I haven't given him his present yet because his party isn't for another week and a half and he's still got presents from Christmas that he hasn't opened yet. I read an article last week that suggested boxing toys up and re-releasing them a month or two later. I think I might try that. I'd like to get rid of some stuff, but I don't know what Reese will play with and what she won't be interested in.

We ended the night at home singing happy birthday and eating cake. He loved singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles so much that he asked us to do it again. So we obliged :).

I'm really looking forward to his party. It's Wonder Pets themed (he saw it all in the box and said "Whoa Momma. Look at all the cool stuff.), and I know he'll have a great time!

Helping me make the muffins
The fireman costume is hard to take pictures of because of the reflectors.
Coloring with the chalk Aunt Katie gave him.
Wyatt and Baby Sissy getting ready for cake!
Eating his birthday cake


  1. Happy Birthday Wyatt! And, WOW, he's a big boy! Ryleigh will be 3 in July and just weighs in at 26 pounds...she can still wear 18 month size clothes :) Kaylee was big just like Wyatt and they estimate her to be 5'10" as an adult!!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only Mom who's delaying the "kid party" until after the actual birthday! Liam's is tomorrow, and his party is after Easter. (This is the last year he won't care - I'm taking advantage!)

    Liam is 3 tomorrow, weighs 45 pounds and 4Ts fit him perfectly - length and width - with not much extra room. They estimate him to be between 6'2" and 6'4". Forget the College Fund - I'm starting a Pantry Fund...