Monday, March 16, 2009


On Saturday Allison, T, Colin and Piper came up to visit! We went over Brian's parents' house to hang out for a few hours before we went out to dinner. Wyatt was so excited to see his big cousin (and his little cousin too)! The kids all played upstairs in the playroom (even Reese played with a book), and had a lot of fun. Wyatt keeps talking about Colin riding the horse, but he also told my mom today that baby Piper can walk. I think he thinks that babies are supposed to stay small and not learn to walk. He's in for a rude awakening in a few months!

Yesterday we ran to Target and to visit Noelle, but then we came home and stayed inside all day. I am over the disgusting, rainy weather. In the afternoon everybody Brian and the kids took naps while I cleaned. Pulling out the couch to vacuum, swiffering the fan, dusting everything in sight (except the kitchen counter) cleaning. Someone out there has to know how depressing it is to be the only person in your house not taking a nap. Although someone else can probably attest to how relaxing it can be when you're the only person in your house awake (you know, when you have a half pint of New York Superfudge chunk and good movie all curled up on the couch, not when you're cleaning like a maniac).

After naptime we decided to put Wyatt in his training pants, just to see what would happen. We sat down on the potty every 15 minutes. We asked him if he needed to go constantly. Then he shouted "PEE!" I thought this was it. But it wasn't. He just felt like shouting "PEE!" Finally he ran to me when I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. But I'm pretty sure he went in his pants at that moment. Because his big boy pants were soaked when we got to the bathroom. No biggie. I put another pair on him. He peed in those during dinner (we have excellent table manners in this house). We're going to try again today. I'd love to be able to stop buying diapers for him. I could put the money towards hiring a housekeeper to clean my fans. And pull out my couch. And I'll just sit on the couch watching a good movie (or maybe One Tree Hill on SoapNet) during naptime.

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