Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Little Social Worker

This morning the kids and I went to Target first thing. After I had everyone settled into the (huge) cart, Wyatt asked if we could look at the animals. At the front of the store Target has little $1 bins, and they have two filled with farm animals. Wyatt got a horse, pig, cow and goat a few weeks ago. I figured we could go take a look at them (mainly, I wanted to make him happy because he was on the verge of an "I miss my Daddy" emotional breakdown).

When we walked up the bins they had smaller animals, and he saw the baby pig. I gave it to him to hold while we walked through the store, but I decided to get it for him before we left. The reason? Because this is what I heard while we walked through the store..."Baby piggy gonna go home and see his Mommy?" "Baby piggy gonna be back with his Mommy?"

Of course I got him the little pig! He was so excited to reunite the family!
Once we got home, he ran into his playroom and picked up the Mommy Pig and said "Hey Baby Piggy, see Mommy?" Then he brought their little pig snouts together and made them kiss. Wyatt spent the next 5 minutes reuniting the family, and then introduced the baby piggy to all of the farm animals. My little boy has the sweetest little heart!

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