Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Is it really almost Easter? Cause it doesn't feel like.

Actually, snow had very little impact on our day. The kids and I stayed in and played all day. We read books, looked at flash cards and played all morning long, which is actually a typical Monday. I was hoping to go in to work today, just so I could comp the time out on Friday (the day after my birthday), but I didn't feel good and it was snowing, so I think maybe I'll just use some of my vacation time instead :).
Wyatt has gotten very good at counting...he counts everything - to eleven. After eleven he usually goes back to eight, but sometimes will count to "firteen." He's also taken an interest in playing music lately - between Brian's guitar and his own drums. Before he starts to play he says "One, two, three, four" - and then starts to play his selected instrument and sings -"Wyatt's rock and roll band, Wyatt's rock and roll band!" This afternoon his selected instrument was Brian's guitar.
Reese has been getting bigger and learning so much everyday. As soon as she gets a grip on one thing, she moves on to mastering something else. She's sitting like a champ, and now she's on her way to creeping. She hated to be on her belly a week ago, and she still does sometimes, but the rest of the time she's trying to move. I feel like her teeth might cut through any day now, but that might be wishful thinking on my part :). She is going right to sleep when I put her in her crib at night and sleeping until around 2. I'm slowly hoping to stretch that to all night and I think it will be easier now that we have her video monitor set up. She loves her new bedtime routine.
Playing with Winnie the Pooh while Daddy sets up her monitor

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