Monday, March 9, 2009

Duck Tales. A Woo Hoo.

We have good family friends that we usually let stay with us this time of year for a few weeks. To be honest, they aren't too intrusive and they're pretty easy going. We don't even have to feed them, and they don't come inside. All that we really have to do is clean up their poop.

Because they're ducks.

This particular pack of ducks (and I really think its the same three that show up every year) really likes our pool. Their names are Sarah, George and Dupree. I call the last duck Dupree because I think two ducks are married and the other one is the guys' best friend who won't grow up and find his own duckmate. So he's Dupree, like the movie.

The ducks started showing up (at least, I think they did) right around the time Wyatt was born two years ago. They came back last March, and they're here again. I will forever be grateful to these ducks because they sparked Wyatt's language development. Before he was a year old he said a few words, but once he started seeing these ducks in the backyard, it was non stop talk about the ducks and their quacking, and now he talks about everything!

He still loves these ducks. He wants to watch them constantly and always wants to know where they are. He could be entertained for hours watching them out of the window!

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  1. I am almost positive those are the same 3 ducks that visit my parent's house right down the road! Those 3 are always together and my dad leaves corn and water out for them. One time we witnessed the 2 boys gang up on the girl (if you know what I mean) and my dad had to break it up! Those ducks have been around for at least 10 years now!!!! Crazy!