Monday, March 23, 2009


While I hate to embarrass my poor little girl in front of the whole world, Reese is a little, ahem, constipated. She's had some difficulty with the whole BM thing over the last couple days and she's got really bad diaper rash, so she's been eating prunes a lot. I've gotta do, what I've gotta do. And it seems to be helping....

But I digress. Last night I was feeding her, and Wyatt decided to pull up a chair next to mine. He put all of his little farm animals on the table and was talking about them, and then he leaned over and wrapped his arm around me. And then he said "Momma a fwiend," with the biggest smile on his face. I turned to him and asked "Really, am I your friend?" and he said "Yes." He then gave me another huge hug (or "squeeze" as we refer to them).

After I sang the Golden Girls theme song (and I totally did), I asked him about various people (Brian, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.), and he said yes to all of them being his friend. I have no idea where this friend thing came from out of the blue.

Today he had to go to time out because he pulled my wallet off of the counter and dumped its contents all over the den (I still can't find my license. I hope he didn't sell it on the black market as a fake ID). When I went to tell him why he was in time out he looked at me with his little charming smile and said "Hi Momma. Momma a fwiend? Wy Wy gonna give Momma a squeeze?"

I guess this would be a good time to explain that I'm not actually his friend...I'm his Mommy...

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